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“From the moment I'd made a discovery appointment to chatting to Dr Uddin, I felt listened to. Extremely friendly and understanding. Great advice on ‘all of me’ not just from a medical perspective.”

Testimonial by L.B. (topdoctors)

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Hi, my name is Dr Ferhat Uddin. I’m a GP, British Menopause Society accredited Menopause Specialist, and a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. I created Liberty Menopause Clinics to provide expert medical care for women in in midlife. From helping women find the right type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to treating nutritional deficiencies, we treat every woman holistically.

My own perimenopause took me by surprise, and I found myself anxious in new ways, experiencing self-doubt. I had mild physical symptoms but difficult psychological symptoms. My own journey to health, saw a range of integrated approaches, including dietary, lifestyle and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), tools I am able to pass on to the women I see.

Liberty Menopause Clinic

Hot flushes and night sweats normally spring to mind at the word ‘menopause.’ But it can be so much more. For many, it’s mood swings, anxiety and the sleep problems that can be most debilitating. The list of menopause symptoms is extensive, with some of the rarer ones such ‘burning mouth’ or ‘electric shocks’ also rearing their head. We help you find the right solution for all your symptoms.

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“Very good experience with Dr Uddin, she took the time to listen to my symptoms, problematics and needs. I trust her and feel confident in the next chapter in my life with HRT.”

Testimonial by Manon Strauss Evrard (trustpilot)

Midlife Metabolic Check

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"If we get midlife right we could prevent 80% of chronic diseases in women." Professor Cassandra Szoeke

At this pivotal point in life, as our metabolisms start to change, understanding our risk profile, and resetting the balance, is key in how we feel now and later.

“Dr. Uddin was so lovely. She's a wonderful listener taking care to hear all of my symptoms & backstory of health. She's extremely knowledgable and treating the whole person, not just my symptoms. I highly recommend any female experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms to make an appointment with her. You will not regret it!”

Testamonial by Theresa Lovelin (google review)

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The beginning of a new year often inspires us to make resolutions, and one of the most common goals is improving health and fitness. Midlife and menopause is an important time to look at our health, as key shifts start to occur in our metabolic and cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, the vast amount of information available […]
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Anxiety might be the only symptom of perimenopause and menopause that we experience. We often don’t make the connection and just put this down to more stress in our lives. Anxiety is a normal human response to stressful situations, part of our flight and fight response which keeps us safe in precarious situations. It starts […]
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Menopause in the workplace is a growing area of recognition, and rightly so. Statistics show that 1 in 5 women will consider leaving work due to their menopause symptoms. One in 10 women will leave their job due to their menopause symptoms. Symptoms of menopause include: Forgetfulness and brain fog. Tiredness. Loss of confidence, difficulty […]
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