MENOCARE is a bespoke menopause service, looking after professional women in the workplace. 1 in 5 women report suffering with menopausal symptoms that affect their work, and 1 in 10 women leave the workplace due to their menopausal symptoms.

On average, women reach leadership positions in their late 40s – the age when women typically go through menopause (between 45 and 55 years old). Supporting women at this stage of life retains talent within the workplace, and gives women the opportunity to reach their true leadership potential. Research shows women who are offered support and understanding are more likely to stay in work. And women who have their symtoms controlled, thrive at work.

Our Service

Dr Ferhat Uddin, GP and British Menopause Society Accredited Menopause Specialist and her team of GPs specialising in Menopause, offer the highest level of Menopause care. Women are offered holistic solutions to complex problems and a prescription for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) where appropriate. Individualised treatment plans, according to a client’s personal and family history, enable women to regain their health, wellbeing, focus and drive.

Online appointments, electronic prescriptions and blood tests arranged

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How it works


A monthly retainer for your company secures:

  • A fixed number of appointments per week for your employees. The exact number of appointments will be determined by size of your company
  • Three-monthly live webinars with Dr Uddin on nutrition and lifestyle menopause care, including Q&A
  • Electronic prescriptions and medications delivered to your employee's doorstep
  • Letter to your employee's GP
  • Email follow up between appointments
  • Employee access to the Liberty Health Clinics library of resources
  • Assistance in booking blood tests/vitals when needed
  • Reports on key findings and KPIs

The Transformation

Retain talent within the workplace

More females in leadership roles

A focussed and thriving workplace

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