Liberty Menopause Clinic

Be yourself again.

If your struggling with managing work or the family, maybe experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, find a friendly ear that understands and receive the help you deserve.

Menopause symptoms can take many shapes. For some it’s a loss of confidence and bouts of anxiety. For others, it’s mood fluctuations and joint pains or hot flushes. In Liberty Menopause Clinic we address the changes in the hormone oestrogen and testosterone, with both hormonal (HRT) and non-hormonal solutions, so you can take back control. With our expertise, we adjust your treatment until you are feeling your best.

What to expect:

Video consultation with Dr Uddin with a discussion of symptoms and treatment options.

Understand the risk and benefits of treatment, relevant to your personal history.

A private prescription delivered to your home, and letter to your GP

Instructions for blood tests arranged local to you, when appropriate


Initial consultation, including email follow up (45 minutes) £250

Follow up consultation, and email follow up (30 minutes) £150

Repeat Prescriptions £30


Blood tests are not always required, but maybe required to check absorption of treatment, or to ensure treatment levels are within recommended range.

We are recognised and trained by the BMS (British Menopause Society) and as per their guidelines only prescribe regulated (safe) forms of HRT (hormone replacement therapy)


Yes, in many cases they will, as we always write to your GP with your consent, to advise them of your medication. Some GPs may not prescribe testosterone, as this usually needs to be initiated by a Menopause Specialist.

"Dr Ferhat was incredible. Caring, understanding and such an expert. Everything about my appointment was efficient, from booking, payment, logging on, and getting my prescription.This session has saved me months of stress, and time waiting to be seen on the NHS. Life-changing and simple invaluable."

Testamonial by Bridgette (google reviews)

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