Midlife Metabolic Check

Invest in you

By addressing vitamin deficencies, hormonal imbalances and metabolic risks, feel your best now and safeguard your future health. Say goodbye to dips in energy and mood, sugar cravings and weightgain with the midlife health plan.

With our comprehensive health-check and risk profile, you have access to the necessary tools to ensure your future is healthy, happy and free to do all the things you love.

How it works


Visit one of our clinical hubs local to you. 

Blood tests and vitals

  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

    Iron, B12, vitamin D, magnesium

  • Hormonal Imbalances

    Oestrogen, testosterone, thyroid

  • Metabolic Risk factors

    Cholesterol, blood sugars, waist/hip ratio, weight, BP and pulse rate


Video consultation with your menopause doctor

Midlife metabolic consultation

  • Discuss the results of blood tests and risk profile

  • Explore wellbeing and future health proofing.


The midlife healthplan

  • Metabolic goals: balancing blood sugars, cholesterol, gut health

  • Correction of vitamin, mineral, hormone imbalances

The Consultation

Discuss blood results and your metabolic risk profile

Identify key areas for your midlife metabolic reset

Metabolic Reset Plan

Guidance and resources for actioning your plan


£425, inclusive of blood tests, vital measurements, consultation and plan

Plus 50% discount for your next appointment in Liberty Menopause Clinic (within 6 months)

"Using simple hacks I flattened my glucose curve and  felt more energised and calm, experienced better sleep and began to shift my midlife weight gain."

Some of the benefits of a midlife metabolic reset:

Lowering your blood glucose levels

Reduced inflammation

Feeling more energised

Reduced anxiety

Better sleep

Improved gut health

Fuelling cell renewal & repair

Lower levels of unhealthy fats (LDL cholesterol & triglycerides) in your blood

Improved blood pressure and heart health

Maintaining a healthy weight

Who is this appointment for?

Anyone looking to improve sleep and energy, reduce anxiety and maintain a healthy weight

Anyone interested in their metabolic health and reversing health risks

Anyone looking to prevent long term health problems 


This will vary according to your current lifestyle and needs but will be broadly centred around the following areas:

  • Key actions to flatten blood glucose curves
  • Intake of important fats
  • Optimising sleep
  • Boosting your gut health

No, HRT prescriptions are only available through the Liberty Menopause Clinic. You receive 50% off your first appointment in Liberty Menopause Clinic, if within 6 months of your midlife metabolic check

By understanding how glucose spikes and high blood fats drive inflammation and ageing, we can adapt our diet, gut microbiome and blood sugar control to safeguard our health.

"I had struggled to get answers for my symptoms and Dr Uddin was simply a breath of fresh air. She immediately put me at ease and took utmost care and attention. After searching for an expert in women’s heath, I feel I have found a doctor who has a wealth of knowledge with an ability to treat a patient with kindness and respect. She has excellent bedside manners. I feel reassured and safe in her care."

Testamonial by Wasima (google reviews)

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