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Midlife Metabolic Check

Live better, live longer

Feel your best by addressing vitamin deficencies, hormonal imbalances and metabolic risks, and safeguard your future health.

Say goodbye to dips in energy and mood, sugar cravings and weightgain with the midlife health plan.

How it works: 3 steps

Blood tests and vitals

Visit one of our clinical hubs local to you.

Metabolic Risk factors

Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, waist/hip ratio, weight, BP and pulse rate

Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

Iron, B12, vitamin D, calcium

Hormonal balance

Thyroid function (Oestrogen and Testosterone)*


Video consultation with your menopause doctor

Discuss the results of blood tests and risk profile (heart age score)

Explore how to boost wellbeing and future health.

Health plan

Supplements and correction of vitamin, mineral, hormone imbalances

Metabolic goals: balancing blood sugars, cholesterol, gut health

The Consultation


£350, inclusive of blood tests, vital measurements, consultation and plan
(or 3 monthly payments of £117)

Plus 50% discount for your next appointment in Liberty Menopause Clinic (within 6 months)


We have access to over 100 excellent hubs across the country. Find your nearest:


This will vary according to your current lifestyle and needs but will be broadly centred around the following areas:

  • Guidance on supplements to correct deficiencies and boost wellness
  • Intake of important fats and key actions for optimising your metabolic health and weight
  • Steps to improve/maintain heart age score

No, HRT prescriptions are only available through the Liberty Menopause Clinic. You receive 50% off your first appointment in Liberty Menopause Clinic, if within 6 months of your midlife metabolic check

These can be added on request. They are only useful if you are already on a transdermal HRT and need to know if you are in the therapeutic range.

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