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Liberty Menopause Clinic

In our clinic we discuss the safest solutions for your symptoms, looking at HRT and testosterone where needed, lifestyle and diet modifications, to get you to feeling your best again. Blood tests are arranged if needed, medication delivered to your door and your GP kept up to date at every step.

Ferhat Uddin July 2023 © Jo Blackwell Photography-16

My first appointment with Dr Uddin was very positive. I immediately felt like I was being listened to and had someone in my corner. She was empathetic, reviewed my history with care and and answered my questions thoroughly. I left the session feeling positive and reassured.

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Midlife metabolic check

The midlife metabolic check comes inclusive of blood tests, key vitals (BP, waist to hip ratio) and risk profile; as well as an in depth look into your lifestyle and key areas to take action .

Come away with a clear understanding of how to reboot your metabolism, shift midlife weightgain, balance your mood and protect your future health.

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