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Sabrina Zeif

Sabrina Zeif

Nutritional Therapist

Sabrina Zeif is the Midlife Food Guru, providing food inspiration for midlife, menopause and beyond. Working in the health and food industry for more than 10 years, she is a registered Nutritional Therapist with FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners), Accomplished Chef and Founder of The Menopause Chef, Ambassador for The Real Food Campaign UK, and co-author of the book Natural Menopause with Dr Anne Henderson.

Having experienced a lack of support during her own
menopause Sabrina now combines her nutrition expertise with her love for food to help women embrace change and guide them on how best to use good nutrition to support a positive menopause.

Her ultimate passion is bringing fun and connection back to food and women’s health. Her approach is simple – celebrate and savour!

Lauren Chiren

Lauren is an entrepreneur, passionate about supporting people to successfully navigate menopause. She provides evidence to the UK Parliament, sits on the BSI committee that created the landmark Standard on Menstruation, menstrual health and menopause, is a regular commentator in the media and is a global keynote speaker, trainer & coach on executive women's wellbeing.

She left her senior role in financial services, in her early 40's believing that she was suffering from early-onset dementia. Imagine her surprise when her doctor informed her she had 'just' been through menopause?!

Today she educates employers on why being menopause supportive is business savvy and supports high performing people to navigate the changes and challenges of all things hormonal, from monthly cycles to menopause.

As a trusted expert, Lauren has helped thousands of executives, celebrities and athletes globally. She is qualified in psychology, mental health, nutrition, coaching, personal training and soon to be a yoga teacher too!


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Sam Palmer

Sam's journey started in the heart of healthcare, where she trained as a nurse in London, eventually stepping into a senior role in Neonatal Intensive Care, a role that combined clinical care and teaching. She has established a First Aid training company, dedicated to equipping both workplaces and individuals with life-saving skills. And she has been recognized as UK Coach of the Year by UK Athletics in 2014, winning many awards for empowering 'normal' women to rediscover fitness.

She went on in last decade transforming lives as one of the UK's pioneering menopause coaches.

In a landscape where menopause was a hushed topic, she launched Move Over Menopause™, becoming a trailblazer in the field. From podcasts to national press features and in-person events, she has reached women globally, empowering them to embrace a menopause-friendly lifestyle.

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